Meet Our Team

Jerome Carr


Jerome Carr, MGA, has been an agent with S & A Group for ten years. After tiring of living paycheck to paycheck, Jerome decided it was time to make a change. In his first year, Jerome made $75,000 and his income has significantly increased from there. Jerome enjoys being an agent because it has had a profound effect on his life and it allows him to help others.

Shannon Simmons

Holding Partner

In 2011, Shannon Simmons was offered the chance to acheive his own dreams. Tired of working 16+ hour days as a Residential Security Supervisor, Shannon relocated to Alabama to take control of his own destiny and to allow himself the opportunity to have greater flexibility in his life. Shannon co-owns S & A Group with his wife, Ashley.

Ashley Simmons

Holding Partner

Ashley Simmons worked for a national student loan company until the recession hit and she was laid off from her job. Since there was little growth opportunity available within that market, Ashley knew it was time to change fields and take control of her life. She opened S & A Group with her husband, Shannon, and is the co-owner and one of the top agents within the company.

Jabari Deshields

Managing Partner

Jabari Deshields, MGA, is in his eighth year as an agent for S & A. After graduating, he found it difficult to find a position in his area of expertise so he decided to become an agent. In just three years, Jabari now makes a six figure salary. He enjoys working with S & A Group because it allows him the chance to control his own income. Jabari is also one of the recipients for an all expense paid trip to Kona, Hawaii for he and his wife for being one of the top agents in the company this year.

Valerie Harris

Managing Partner

Barbara Dean

Managing Partner